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Normal Skin Common Problems

- The skin is balanced in terms of pH
- Optimal blood circulation
- Smooth texture, healthy glow, tiny pores, sebum secretion, and moisture content are all in optimal condition.


To balance and maintain healthy skin, regulate moisture levels and minimize pores in the T-zone using products like Hydracure Intense Hydration, Ultrasound with Bergamot AMP, or Hydrafacial. Suppress sebum secretion in the T-zone to prevent excessive shininess, while hydrating dry areas like the cheeks and cheekbones.


A healthy diet is crucial for maintaining overall health, and it can also impact the health of your skin. Green tea is a potent antibacterial agent that helps in unclogging pores and contains antioxidants that combat aging, reduce inflammation, and prevent skin damage caused by free radicals. Physical exercise also promotes skin health. Additionally, it's essential to stay well hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily.